Chapel Oaks Volunteer Fire Department


Monday, August 14, 2017  At 09:05 Company 15 was dispatched to the intersection of North Arch and Locust Streets for an auto accident with unknown injuries. Chief 1502 arrived on scene to find two vehicles in the roadway with no injuries. Rescue 15-1 responded non-emergency to control vehicle hazards. Fire police provided traffic control. Units responding and on scene: Chief 1502 Lupo, Rescue 15-1, MICU 15, 1561, 1562, and Milton Police Department. Photos by Jay Mabus.




Sunday, August 13, 2017  Today crews from Mifflinburg Hose Company and Milton loaded up both trucks and spent a few hours teaching the tools, showing the trucks, and taking the kids for rides at the first annual Firefighter Camp Cadet held at Warrior Run Area Fire Department.




Saturday, August 12, 2017  This year several members headed to Hughesville for the 125th annual Central District Firemen's Convention. The gang spent the weekend relaxing and hanging with great friends and family. During the awards ceremony on Friday, the 15 House received 3rd place for its fire prevention book prepared by Firefighter Cindy Lytle. Michael Rugh also received his Senior Delegate card presented by Central Districts. Firefighter Billy Hutcheson and the daughter of Firefighter Randy Rugh were presented with scholarships to further their education. Saturday members brought the Engine and Truck up for the parade. Engine 15-2 received a first place trophy and Truck 15-1 received a second place trophy. The Milton Fire Department would like to thank Hughesville for a great time and can't wait to see everyone next year in East Freedom.




Sunday, August 6, 2017  At 12:24 Engine 15-2, Rescue 15-1, and Tanker 15-1 were dispatched to a second alarm house fire on Millers Bottom Road in White Deer Township. Chief 502 arrived on scene to find a double wide Mobil home with heavy smoke showing from all sides. Engine 3-3 arrived and deployed two attack lines with assistance from Chief 1502 and a crew from engine 5-2. Engine 15-2 arrived and split its crew assisting with the interior fire attack and pulling ceilings. Rescue 15-1 arrived and went to the roof and cut an inspection hole. Co 15 crews assisted with extensive overhaul. Units on scene: Chiefs 1501 Stump, 1502 Lupo, 1503 Derr, 501, 502, 503, 303, and 304, Engines 15-2, 3-1 fill site, 3-3, 5-2 and 2-1, Rescues 15-1 and 5-1, Tankers 15-1, 5-1, 3-1, 2-1, Brush 5-1, Ambulances 5-1 and 5-2, CO 15 and 5 Fire Police. NC Rescue 73 stood by at station 15 while our units worked the fire. Photos by Jay Mabus.




Friday, August 4, 2017  At 21:02 hours while the Rescue and Assistant Chief were operating on a MVA, Company 15 along with Companies 2,5, and 9 were dispatched to Milton Regional Sewer Authority for a report of 2 methane tanks on fire. Chief 201 and Truck 2-1 immediately cleared a call in West Milton and arrived first to find fire at the top of a methane relief stack, caused by a lightning strike. Truck 2-1 started a lay from a hydrant at the south entrance into the facility and prepared to begin to start cooling the tank that was relieving the methane. Engine 15-2 arrived next finishing the lay to Truck 2-1. Engine 5-2 picked up Truck 2-1's line supplying them from the hydrant. Crews from Company 15 utilized Truck 2-1 to reach and close the valve feeding the stack, and pulled a charged hand line to provide protection to the firefighter on the aerial. Engine 9-1 stood by at a hydrant on route 405 in case a second water supply was needed. Units responding and on scene: Chief 1501 Stump, Chief 1503 Derr, 201, 202, 902, 903, 904, Engines 15-2, 9-1, 5-2, Truck 2-1, Rescues 15-1, and 9-1, Ambulance 2-3, Traffic 15, Milton PD, and Northumberland county EMA. FYI to the public: The MRSA is now utilizing their large torch to burn off the excess gas produced in their large digesters. People passing by will see a small flame from this torch which is located at the far northern end of the plant. This is perfectly normal!!!!




Friday, August 4, 2017  At 15:23 Engine 15-2 and MICU 15 were dispatched to assist Company 5 with a tractor trailer crash in White Deer Township on Interstate 80 at the 204 west bound mile marker. MICU 15 was first to arrive on scene to find a single tractor trailer through the guide rail over the embankment with the occupant out of the truck. Rescue 5-1 arrived and controlled vehicle hazards. Engine 15-2 and CO 15 Chiefs returned available shortly after arriving on scene. Units on scene: Chiefs 1501 Stump, 1503 Derr, Rescue 5-1, Engine 15-2, MICU 15, Ambulance 5-1, CO 5 Fire Police and PSP. Photos by 1503.




Friday, August 4, 2017  At 10:41 the 15 House was dispatched to the intersection of Broadway Street and Poplar Avenue for an auto accident involving two vehicles. Milton PD arrived on scene and advised no injuries with fluids down. Rescue 15-1 arrived and took care of vehicle hazards and applied absorbent to the fluids. Lt 1510 Gaugler had command. Units on scene: Rescue 15-1, MICU 15, 1561, 1563, and Milton Police Department. Photos by Jay Mabus.




Thursday, July 27, 2017  Tuesday July 25, 2017 members of the Milton Fire Department took part in the Go Joe 20 event held at Brown Avenue Park. Go Joe is an annual event by WNEP TV 16 weatherman Joe Snedeker that raises money for the St. Joseph’s Center. Each year Joe embarks on a weeklong bicycle ride throughout the WNEP coverage area to raise these funds. This is the 20th year of the event and Milton was chosen as the last stop of the second day of the ride. The officers and member of the Milton Fire Department would like to wish Joe the best of luck and safety on the remainder of his ride. Photos by Jay Mabus and Jennifer Brown.




Sunday, July 23, 2017  At 18:14 the Milton Fire Department just returned from an odor investigation when we dispatched for a two vehicle auto accident at the intersection of Center and Arch Streets in the Borough. Chief 1503 arrived to find a pickup truck on the sidewalk with the driver out of the vehicle and an SUV in the roadway with the driver confined. Chief 1502 arrived and assumed command. Rescue 15-1 arrived stabilized the vehicle and utilized the Hurst spreaders to open the driver’s door and gain access to the driver. The crew from Engine 15-2 took care of vehicle hazards and assisted with debris removal. Traffic 15 and CO 15 fire police rerouted traffic while units operated on scene. Units on scene: Chiefs 1502 Lupo and 1503 Derr, Rescue 15-1, Engine 15-2, MICU 15, Ambulance 2-3, Utility 15-1, Traffic 15, and Milton Police Department. Photos by Jay Mabus.




Thursday, July 20, 2017  At 03:46 the Milton Fire Department was dispatched to the 1200 block of Mansion Road in West Chillisquaque Township for a farm truck on fire in a field. Chief 1503 and 1502 arrived to find a large truck that had been burning for some time with a small amount of fire remaining. Engine 15-2 arrived and pulled the front bumper line and extinguished any remaining fire and performed overhaul. While units were working the truck fire Company 15 was dispatched to a CO alarm in the borough. The CO call ended up being a faulty detector. Units on scene: Chiefs 1501, 1502, and 1503, Engine 15-2, 1561 and MICU 15. Photos taken by Jay Mabus.



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