Chapel Oaks Volunteer Fire Department


Sunday, July 23, 2017  At 18:14 the Milton Fire Department just returned from an odor investigation when we dispatched for a two vehicle auto accident at the intersection of Center and Arch Streets in the Borough. Chief 1503 arrived to find a pickup truck on the sidewalk with the driver out of the vehicle and an SUV in the roadway with the driver confined. Chief 1502 arrived and assumed command. Rescue 15-1 arrived stabilized the vehicle and utilized the Hurst spreaders to open the driver’s door and gain access to the driver. The crew from Engine 15-2 took care of vehicle hazards and assisted with debris removal. Traffic 15 and CO 15 fire police rerouted traffic while units operated on scene. Units on scene: Chiefs 1502 Lupo and 1503 Derr, Rescue 15-1, Engine 15-2, MICU 15, Ambulance 2-3, Utility 15-1, Traffic 15, and Milton Police Department. Photos by Jay Mabus.




Thursday, July 20, 2017  At 03:46 the Milton Fire Department was dispatched to the 1200 block of Mansion Road in West Chillisquaque Township for a farm truck on fire in a field. Chief 1503 and 1502 arrived to find a large truck that had been burning for some time with a small amount of fire remaining. Engine 15-2 arrived and pulled the front bumper line and extinguished any remaining fire and performed overhaul. While units were working the truck fire Company 15 was dispatched to a CO alarm in the borough. The CO call ended up being a faulty detector. Units on scene: Chiefs 1501, 1502, and 1503, Engine 15-2, 1561 and MICU 15. Photos taken by Jay Mabus.




Wednesday, July 12, 2017  At 16:49 the Milton Fire Department along with CO 17 was dispatched to Broadway Road in the area of Boiardi Lane for a 3 vehicle auto accident. Chief 1502 arrived to find all occupants out of the vehicle with one minor injury. The box was held to Rescue 15-1. The rescue crew cleaned up the debris in the roadway and took care of vehicle hazards.




Wednesday, July 12, 2017  At 19:15 CO 15 Fire Police were dispatched to assist CO 2 with traffic control while they operated on a motorcycle accident on SR 405 in West Chillisquaque Township. Units on scene: Traffic 15, 1562, MICU 15, Medic 60, Company 2 units, and PSP. Photos by Jay Mabus.




Friday, June 30, 2017  The Milton Fire Dept. is excited to have received the grant to replace all of its fire hose. Some of the hose dates back to the 1980's and replacement was well over due.




Tuesday, June 27, 2017  At 10:51 Hrs. Rescue 15-1 was dispatched along with White Deer Township to Interstate 80 at mile marker 206 east bound for a tractor trailer accident with entrapment. Chief 501 arrived to find two tractor trailers off the roadway with two heavily entrapped. Command 5 requested a third rescue to the scene from Warrior Run. The other driver was found to be deceased a short time later. Crews worked for a good amount of time to extricate the other driver. Rescue 15-1 went available at 13:57.




Monday, June 26, 2017  At 18:21 the 15 House was dispatched to the news stand on Broadway for a working building fire called in by Milton PD. Chief 1502 and 1561 arrived to find smoke showing throughout the building. Chief 1503 arrived and established command. Engine 15-2 arrived and laid a supply line from Filbert Street and pulled a 2” line for fire attack. Truck 2-1 arrived just after the Engine and prepared to ventilate as the engine crew stretched in. Chief 1502 along with the engine crew made entry through the D side and found zero visibility and high heat conditions. Truck 15-1 arrived and set up on the C side. Once the bulk of the fire on the first floor was knocked crews went to the second division and found the same conditions. Mutual aid from White Deer, Warrior Run, Pottsgrove, and Turbot Township assisted with relieving the attack crew, ventilation, and extensive overhaul. Montgomery Rescue 13 was also on the scene for RIT. Northumberland’s Truck and Rescue assisted on the scene and later returned to Station 15 and assisted with cleanup. Point Township also stood by in during the fire. Company 15 was available at 21:37.




Sunday, June 25, 2017  Friday June 23 - Sunday June 25, 2017 several members of the Milton Fire Department participated in several training classes hosted by the Hummel's Wharf Fire Department. Members participated in water supply and pump connections and pump 2. The Milton Fire Department would like to thank the Hummel's Wharf Fire Department for their hospitality. Photos by 1503.




Saturday, June 24, 2017  At 16:55 the Milton Fire Department was dispatched to the intersection of Mahoning and South Front Streets for a two vehicle crash called in by Chief 501. UC 911 advised one car was into a house with the driver confined with an active natural gas leak caused by the accident. Chief 1503 arrived with one vehicle in the roadway and the other into the house against the gas meter. Engine 15-2 arrived and secured a water supply and stretched an attack line and was able secure the gas leak. Rescue 15-1's crew completed patient extrication and assisted with patient packing upon the leak being secured. Units on scene: Chiefs 1503 Derr, 501 Koch, Engine 15-2, Rescue 15-1, MICU 15, Ambulances 5-1, 8-3, 1561, CO 15 Fire Police, and Milton Police Department. Photos by Jay Mabus.




Friday, June 23, 2017  At 06:30 the Milton Fire Department was dispatched to state route 147 and Industrial Park roads in West Chillisquaque Township for a two vehicle head on collision. UC 911 advised upon dispatch a passenger car and tractor trailer had collided head on. Chief 1503 arrived on scene to find two vehicles in the road way with one patient with minor injuries self-extricated. The box was held to rescue 15-1, Medic 60, and Ambulance 2-2. Rescue 15-1 arrived and controlled vehicle hazards while traffic 15 and CO 15 fire police provided traffic control. Units on scene: Chiefs 1501 Stump, 1503 Derr, Rescue 15-1, Medic 60, Traffic 15, 1562, Ambulance 2-2, and PSP. Photos by Jay Mabus.



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