Chapel Oaks Volunteer Fire Department


Friday, April 22, 2016  At 19:42 hours the Milton Fire Dept. was dispatched to an unknown type fire in the area of the Mahoning Street exit of SR 147. Chief 1502 (Lupo) arrived in the area to find a large brush pile on fire to the rear of the Turbot Township Municipal building on RT 254. Chief 1501(Stump) arrived next and assumed command. The fire is believed to have started by a large pile of wood chips that spontaneously combusted. Units on scene Engine's 15-1, 17-1, Tankers 15-1, 17-1, Brush 15-1, MICY 15, and Company 15 fire police.




Wednesday, April 20, 2016  At 05:15 Company 15 was dispatched to Muddy Run Road in Turbot Township for an auto accident reported with unknown injuries and into a creek. Chief 1501 arrived to find the crash to at Muddy Run and Grange Hall road. Nobody was around the vehicle upon the Chiefs arrival. Fire Police Captain 1561 picked up the driver that was walking down Muddy Run and returned to the scene. The driver was not injured and no services were needed. Chief 1501 placed the box in service.




Tuesday, April 19, 2016  At 18:30 the Milton Fire Department along with companies 2, 5, and The Northumberland Fire Department participated in a training exercise at the Milton Towers complex. Crews stretched lines, evacuated tenants, and practiced apparatus placement with the aerial trucks. The Milton Fire Department would like to thank all the mutual aid departments for participating. Units on scene Chiefs 1501 Stump, 1502 Lupo, 1503 Derr, 502 Messinger and 7-3 Crebs, Engines 15-1, 731, 5-2, Rescues 15-1, 735, 5-1, Trucks 15-1, 2-1, 734, Traffic 15, and CO 15 fire police.




Thursday, April 14, 2016  At 12:11 Company 15 was dispatched to the Milton Regional Sewer Authority for a sulfuric acid leak. Company 15 units arrived and confirmed that there was an active leak and that it was not being contained by the containment vessel. The leak was running from the second floor down to the first floor of the building involved. A hazmat team from Northridge was immediately requested to the scene. Rescue 15-1 made sure the building was evacuated and covered up any storm drains in the area around the building as a precaution. Engine 2-1 was dispatched and assisted with decon operations. Approximately 250 gallons leaked from the container and was contained to the building where it was stored. Units went available at 14:56.




Thursday, April 14, 2016  At 08:19 The 15 House was dispatched to the 200 block of High Street for a reported bedroom fire. Fire Police Captain 1561 arrived and had smoke showing from sides A and B. Lieutenant 1512 (Gaugler) arrived at the station and radioed to Union County to dispatched the working fire box. Engine 15-1 arrived and laid into the scene from Turbot Ave. and stretched the bumper line into the house. Once inside the Engine crew meet the homeowner who was dumping water onto the walls and ceiling area where the fire was. The crew from Truck 2-1 and Engine 5-2 assisted with checking for extension and any overhaul that needed done. Units were available at 09:43.




Saturday, April 9, 2016  At 19:10 hours Engine 15-1 was dispatched to the area of Shakespeare Ave. and Green Street for a reported pole fire. Chief 1502 arrived to find the top of a utility pole on fire. Engine 15-1 arrived and stood by until PPL arrived. Once PPL arrived and cut power to the pole and extinguished the fire Company 15 units went available.




Thursday, April 7, 2016  At 08:05 The 15 House was dispatched to Marsh Road for an unknown type fire. Fire Police Captain 1561 arrived on scene to find a large controlled burn that was starting to burn the top of the nearby brush. Due to the size of the fire and amount of material being burnt, Chief 1503 had Engine 15-1 pull a trash line and contain the fire to the pile. Units on scene: Chief 1503 Derr, Engine 15-1, Tanker 2-1, MICU 15 and CO 15 fire police. Photos by Jay Mabus.




Saturday, April 2, 2016  Saturday April 2, 2016 the Milton Fire Department was dispatched to Cemetery Road for a one vehicle MVA. Chief 1502 arrived to find one vehicle off the roadway. Rescue 15-1 arrived and controlled vehicle hazards. The driver was transported with minor injuries.




Tuesday, March 29, 2016  At 18:21 Engine and Rescue 15-1 were dispatched to assist Company 9 with a working house fire on Snyder Road in Lewis Township just outside of Turbotville. Chiefs 1501 and 904 arrived to find a chimney fire with extension. Tanker 9-2 arrived and put two lines into service to knock the fire down. Crews from Engine and Rescue 15-1 assisted with overhaul. CO 15 units on scene: Chiefs 1501 Stump, 1502 Lupo, 1503 Derr, Engine 15-1, Rescue 15-1, and Traffic 15. Photos by Jay Mabus.




Monday, March 28, 2016  At 20:56 hours Engine and Truck 15-1 were dispatched as part of Lewisburg’s working fire box for a mobile home fire at 160 Vindale Ave. in Montandon. Engine 2-1 arrived to find fire in a bedroom extending down the hallway. Crews initiated an interior attack and quickly had the fire knocked down. Command quickly scaled the response back to Company 2 and 15 units. The Truck and Engine crew assisted with opening up and overhaul operations. Crews went available about an hour later. Company 15 units on the scene: Chief's 1501, (Stump), 1503 (Derr), Truck 15-1, Engine 15-1, 1561 (Mabus), 1562(Bastian). 21 Company 15 members attended.



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