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Thursday, July 17, 2014  At 17:38 Company 15 was dispatched to Muddy Run Road in the area of Hoy Road for an auto accident with unknown injuries. While the Chiefs were responding they were advised that PSP was on the scene and that the driver possibly fled on foot or was already taken to the hospital. It was confirmed that the driver was taken to the hospital via POV. Engine 15-2 was responding and was later placed in service due to no services being needed. The driver was definitely lucky considering the amount of damage to the driver’s door and interior area. Earlier around 16:11 crews were dispatched to the 1000 block of Shakespeare Ave for a reported vehicle accident. Chief's 1501 and 1503 arrived to find a Jeep that had struck a tree with the occupants out and uninjured. Engine 15-2 took care of vehicle hazards and went available at 16:32.




Wednesday, July 16, 2014  At 17:50 Company 15 along with Company 17 were sent to interstate 80 MP 214 WB for a well involved car fire. Chiefs 1501 & 02 arrived with a working car fire in the hammer lane. Engine 15-2 arrived and shut down the interstate deploying the front bumper line. Tanker 17-1 arrived and setup a water supply to nurse the engine if needed. Units on scene: Co 15 Chiefs, Engine 15-1, 15-2 Tanker 17-1 & Milton Fire Police. Photos by the cars owner.




Friday, July 11, 2014  At 20:06 Company 15 was dispatched to the intersection of Golf Course Road and Rolling Ridge Dr. for an MVA reported 3 cars with injuries. Chief 1503 arrived to find 3 cars blocking the road with two occupants still in a vehicle. Engine 15-2 responded with 6 and was advised when they arrived they would need to assist EMS with patient removal. Crews tried two ways to remove the passenger with the back board and could not get the angle they needed. A decision was made to remove the back door and B post to remove the front passenger. Two were transported with moderate injuries. The engine crew also took care of vehicle hazards. Units on scene: Chief’s 1501, 1503, Engine 15-2, MICU’S 15, 8, Ambulance 5-1, Medic 60, Milton Fire Police, and Milton Borough Police. Units cleared the scene at 21:03 Hrs. Photos by a Local Resident.




Thursday, July 10, 2014  At 07:44 Company 15 was dispatched to I-80 east at mile marker 215 for a reported car and tractor trailer accident. Chief 1501 arrived to find a car against the guiderail with the driver confined. Engine 15-2 arrived and preformed a driver’s door pop to remove the driver who had minor injuries. Crews setting up a work zone were also involved and were uninjured. The Engine was available at 08:17.




Tuesday, July 8, 2014  On this Tuesday evening just before are Dept. meeting a severe storm passed through the borough bringing very strong winds and heavy rain. Crews started off at 18:35 with an unknown type fire on Old Orchard Road. This turned out to be a tree on some power lines. From there crews responded downtown for a roof that had blown off a churches bell tower. Crews returned to the station and conducted a short monthly meeting before being dispatched at 19:59 for a reported basement fire on Mahoning Street. Chief's 1502 and 1503 arrived to find light smoke coming from the structure. Lighting had struck a pole to the rear of the house and traveled through the homes meter starting a small fire in the basement. Prior to are arrival the home owner had the fire knocked down with an extinguisher. The Engine and Truck arrived and searched the house with the TIC and nothing was found. The Truck set up some PPV and ventilated the house due to light smoke throughout. Milton Fire Police were also busy most of the evening assisting Milton PD with numerous trees down blocking the streets. Units were available at 20:57. Most of the borough was without power for most of the night.




Tuesday, July 1, 2014  At 16:54 The 15 House was dispatched to the Geisinger Clinic on South Arch Street for a reported bush fire. Chief 1503 arrived to find a large ground cover bush well off and endangering a vehicle. The Chief advised that he wanted the engine first due to the building and vehicle close by. Prior to the engines arrival the car was moved but the fire was spreading rapidly towards the entrance of the clinic. Engine 15-1 arrived and stretched a 1 1/2" off the bumper and started knocking. No damage was done to the structure or the vehicle. Engine 15-1 was available at 17:22.


Kevin Mertz Photo

Kevin Mertz Photo



Tuesday, June 24, 2014  On the evening of July 24th at 20:43 everyone was still hanging out at the station after training when they heard a bang and tires squealing behind the station on Turbot Ave. The Chiefs headed out to investigate and found that a car had struck a utility pole and then a porch. One member was already on the scene and told the Chiefs that there were no injuries. Chief 1501 called the station and had some guys bring over the battery kit to take care of the car. Everyone was available at 21:14.




Friday, June 20, 2014  While Engine 15-1 was returning from a CO detector activation they were dispatched at 17:52 to Filbert Street in front of Borough Hall for a tractor trailer leaking fuel. The Engine arrived with Captain 1506 and found a truck that had made a u turn and had bottomed out in the parking lot ripping off a valve on the driver side saddle tank. They were able to stop the leak and contain what fuel had already spilled until Northridge got there to take care of the mess. About 50 gallons spilled onto the street. Units were available at 19:32.




Thursday, June 19, 2014  At 02:26 Company 15 was dispatched to ACF for a well involved dumpster fire. Chief 1503 arrived to find a large roll off dumpster full of insulation and cardboard well off. Engine 15-1 arrived and stretched a 1 1/2" off the bumper while a supply line was being hooked up to the hydrant at the entrance gate. Crews knocked the fire down and waited for the garbage service to arrive and dump it so the engine crew could overhaul the contents easier. Once on the ground the wagon pipe was used for overhauling. Engine 15-1 was available at 04:22.




Tuesday, June 17, 2014  At 12:21 hours Engine 15-2 was special called to assist Company 9 (Watsontown) on the scene of an MVA with entrapment. Engine 15-2 arrived and went to work assisting the crew from Rescue 9-1 doing a roof flap on the minivan involved. Units on scene: Chief 901, Rescue 9-1 Engines 9-1, 15-2, Micu 8 , Milton & Watsontown fire police. Units cleared at 13:05 hrs.

Photo From Co9

Photo From Co9

Photo From Co 9

Photo From Co 9


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