Chapel Oaks Volunteer Fire Department


Friday, October 10, 2014  At 00:11 Rescue 15-1 was dispatched to Lewisburg for a tractor trailer into a house with entrapment. Rescue 15-1, Chiefs 1502 and 1503 arrived to find a tractor trailer that had taken out a red light post, drove through a house, and came to rest with a significant diesel fuel leak. The crew from Rescue 2-1 had the cab opened up and the driver ready to be removed when Rescue 15-1 arrived. Crews assisted Company 2 with removing the driver, checking utilities at the house, and confirming the cargo. Traffic 15 assisted with traffic until PennDot arrived. Traffic was restricted for about 13 hours while the site was cleaned up and a new traffic light was installed. When the truck struck the red light it smashed through the basement wall and ruptured a heating oil tank also. Rescue 15-1 was available at 01:11 and Traffic 15 at 02:30.




Wednesday, October 8, 2014  At 05:02 while units were finishing up from a crash, Union County 911 advised of a working car fire in town at ConAgra. The Rescue responded back to the station and responded the Engine. Chiefs 1502 and 1503 arrived to find a passenger car with a well involved engine compartment with multiple exposures. The Engine arrived and had a quick knock down with no major damage to the vehicles on each side. One truck had some plastic and minor paint damage. Company 15 was available at 05:42.




Wednesday, October 8, 2014  At 04:21 Company 15 was dispatched to the 2100 block of Broadway Road in Turbot Township for a reported car rolled over. Chiefs 1502 and 1503 arrived to find a single vehicle that had left the roadway and rolled multiple times. Both occupants in the vehicle were self-extricated and had minor injuries. Rescue 15-1 arrived and took care of debris all over the roadway, vehicle hazards, and assisted EMS. While the Rescue was finishing up Union County 911 called and advised of a working car fire in the Borough at ConAgra with exposures. Units cleared at 05:02 and returned to get the Engine for the car fire.




Saturday, September 27, 2014  At 00:03 The 15 House was dispatched to the west bound on ramp to the Interstate for a car rolled over with injuries. While the Chiefs were responding Union County 911 advised that White Deer Twp. (CO5) was already on the scene. Company 5 was dispatched to a crash in their first due but it was later found to be in Turbot Township. Rescue 15-1 and Engine 15-2 arrived and assisted with trying to locate the driver. A witness then told command that she saw the driver take off on foot to the east. The passenger was transported with minor injuries and the driver was located at his house later that morning due to an ambulance call there. Units went available at 01:37.




Sunday, September 21, 2014  At 10:20 Company 15 was dispatched to 5 Broadway for a reported stove fire. Chief 1503 arrived to find the fire out with a moderate smoke condition on the third floor. Truck 15-1 arrived and sent a fan to the third floor and started ventilating. Truck 15-1 was available at 10:51.




Wednesday, September 17, 2014  At 07:57 units were dispatched to Rt. 642 at the Rt. 147 overpass for an auto accident with two vehicles. Chief 1501 arrived to find everyone out of the vehicles with no injuries. Rescue 15-1 took care of vehicle hazards and assisted with traffic. Rescue 15-1 was available at 08:23.




Saturday, September 6, 2014  At 17:36 units were dispatched to the intersection of Wood Street and Sycamore Lane for a reported grill on fire in an enclosed porch. Chief 1503 arrived to find the fire knocked down with a heavy smoke condition in the house. Engine 15-2 arrived and checked the roof area of the porch for extension and ventilated the house. Luckily a neighbor noticed the fire and ran over with an extinguisher and knocked it down keeping it from spreading to the house. Company 15 was available at 17:53.




Monday, September 1, 2014  At 07:41 Company 15 was dispatched to the Intersection of Locust and Academy in the borough for an auto accident reported with rollover and possible entrapment. Chief 1503 arrived to find one car on its roof with the driver out. Rescue 15-1 assisted EMS with patient care and took care of the vehicle hazards. The driver was transported with minor injuries. Units went available at 08:35.




Friday, August 29, 2014  At 20:00 Engine and Rescue 15-1 were dispatched to Sunrise Road in White Deer Township for a reported garage fire. While Chief 501 was responding he was advised it was a working fire and requested additional alarms. Chief 501 arrived to find a large pole building fully involved and spreading to the house. Engine 15-1 arrived first and swung the deck gun knocking down the bulk of the fire and preventing major fire spread to the house. As the engine arrived there were multiple propane tanks venting beside the garage. Tanker 5-1 arrived and supplied Engine 15-1 so the engine crew could start an interior attack on the house. An Engine from Lewisburg arrived just behind Tanker 5-1 and started an attack from the rear of the house. While units were operating this fire Union County 911 advised Command they were dispatching for a rekindle at the scene of the house fire on Warren Road Wed. night. Units arrived to find a fire in a shed on the property and not the house. Company 15 was available from Sunrise Road at 22:56.




Wednesday, August 27, 2014  At 20:33 Engine 15-1 was dispatched along with White Deer Twp. (CO5) for a reported garage fire on Warren Road in Kelly Township. Chief 502 arrived to find a large garage fully involved and spreading to the house. Engine 15-1 arrived and swung the wagon pipe and knocked the bulk of the fire down. Tanker 5-1 arrived and supplied Engine 15-1 while hand lines were being stretched to the house. Crews from Rescue 15-1, Lewisburg, and Mifflinburg assisted with any remaining fire attack and overhaul. Company 15 was available at 23:00.



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