Chapel Oaks Volunteer Fire Department


Wednesday, February 11, 2015  At 03:01 Truck 15-1 was dispatched to the Borough of Lewisburg for a basement fire. Lewisburg PD and Chief's from Company 2 arrived and had moderate smoke from the basement area. PD accessed the basement and found a small fire and was knocked down with an extinguisher prior to Engine 2-1 arriving. Truck 15-1 arrived and set up out front and assisted with ventilating the building. The Tower was available at 03:58.




Thursday, February 5, 2015  At 15:05 hours Company 15 was dispatched to Georgetown Lane for reported smoke in the structure. Chief 1501 arrived and had a light smoke condition in the apartment and moderate smoke from the second floor balcony area. Truck 15-1 arrived and stretched a line to the second floor and prepared to open up the wall. Once the wall and floor area was opened by the balcony door the fire was located and extinguished with a water can. Crews from Engine 15-2 and Rescue 15-1 checked the apartment for any extension and assisted with some minor overhaul. Company 15 was available at 15:45.




Monday, February 2, 2015  At 09:09 units were dispatched to Rt. 147 in Turbot Township for a reported vehicle accident with possible entrapment. Chief's 1503 and 1501 arrived to find one car that had struck a tractor trailer and ended up on its side in the median. The driver was out of the vehicle uninjured and no services were needed. Fire units were available at 09:18.




Friday, January 30, 2015  At 03:41 Engine 15-2 was dispatched along with White Deer Township (CO 5) to the Quality Inn for an automatic fire alarm with a moderate smoke condition. Chief 501 arrived and found a smoke condition on the second floor with no fire visible. Engine 15-2 arrived and was given orders to search the first floor. Crews moved to the second floor and found that a heating unit in one of the rooms malfunctioned resulting in melted wires. The fire was contained to the heating unit with no major damage reported. Units ventilated the structure and were available at 04:33.




Friday, January 23, 2015  At 05:12 hours an Engine and Truck from The 15 House were dispatched to assist Lewisburg with a reported building fire. Lewisburg PD arrived to find fire on the outside wall of the porch. PD knocked the bulk of the fire down with an extinguisher. Engine 2-1 arrived and stretched a line down the alley and hit any remaining fire. Truck 15-1 and Engine 15-2 assisted with overhaul, ventilation, and checking for extension.




Friday, January 16, 2015  At 23:52 Company 15 was dispatched to Fetter's Meats for a reported vehicle accident with entrapment. Chief 1501 arrived to find one car that had struck a utility pole with the driver trapped in the back seat. Chief 1503 assumed command and had Rescue 15-1 prepare to take the rear passenger door of the vehicle. Rescue 15-1 arrived, had the car stabilized, and the driver out in 8 minutes. Engine 15-2 along with Chief 1502 had a landing zone setup a Milton Trans and awaited the arrival of Life Flight. Units were available at 00:43




Tuesday, December 30, 2014  At 22:15 hours The 15 House was dispatched to the 1300 Block of Shakespeare Road for a reported garage fire. Chiefs 1503 & 1501 arrived to find a two story garage well involved with a house as an exposure. Engine 15-2 arrived and laid 300' of 5" down the lane and stretched the bumper line to protect the house. The remainder of the Engine crew pulled a 2 1/2" off the rear to make an attack on the main body of fire. Tanker 12-1 supplied Engine 15-2 from Shakespeare. Engine 15-1 dropped half its crew at the fire scene and proceeded to Sodom Road to establish a fill site. The crews from Rescue 15-1 and 5-1 assisted with overhaul. Tankers from company 5, 15,17 and 2 were also on the scene. Company 15 was available at 00:17.




Sunday, December 21, 2014  At 08:09 hours Engine 15-2 and Tanker 15-1 were dispatched to upper Delaware Township to assist Warrior Run with a house fire. Company 9 arrived and had heavy fire throughout. The crew from Engine 9-1 swung the deck gun knocking down the bulk of the fire and then made entry. Engine 15-2 arrived and assisted with fire attack and went top side to open the roof. Multiple units from Northumberland, Union, and Lycoming counties worked on the scene until about 11:30.




Friday, December 19, 2014  At 10:28 Company 15 was dispatched to Sycamore Lane in the Borough for a reported house fire. Milton PD arrived on the scene and had smoke showing from the attic. Chiefs 1501 and 1503 arrived and had fire showing from the kitchen window. Chief 1501 took command and requested a second alarm. Chief 1503 made entry to the kitchen, knocked down the fire with a water can, and conducted a primary search until the Engine arrived. Engine 15-2 arrived and pulled the bumper line and made entry to hit any hot spots and started checking for extension. The full second alarm was canceled with the exception of Lewisburg's Rescue. The crew from Rescue 2-1 assisted with overhaul, ventilation, and salvage. Units remained on the scene until 11:48.




Friday, December 19, 2014  At 13:44 Engine 15-2 was sent to Price's Recycling for a van on fire on a trailer. Chief 1501 arrived to find the rear tire of a minivan burning. Engine 15-2 arrived on the scene and pulled the 1 1/2" bumper line and had the fire knocked down quickly. Employees were working on the van when the fire started. Engine 15-2 went available at 14:13.



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