Chapel Oaks Volunteer Fire Department


Saturday, August 20, 2016  Saturday morning several members took Engine 15-2 to the 124th Annual Central Districts Volunteer Fireman's Association's Convention parade hosted this year by the Gallitzin Fire Company in Gallitzin, PA. The engine crew put forth a great effort but did not bring home an award. Everyone had great time hanging out at the campsite and was well worth the trip. Photos by Jay Mabus and 1503.




Friday, August 19, 2016  Fire Fighter Lytle along with several members attended the 124th Annual Central District Volunteer Firemen's Association Convention in Gallitzin, PA. Each year FF Lytle prepares a presentation to enter into the fire prevention contest. This year the Milton Fire Department was awarded 5th place. Also awarded was member William Edgar Hutcheson III. He received a scholarship by the association to put towards his education.




Wednesday, August 17, 2016  At 20:51 Truck 15-1 was dispatched to assist co 5 with an explosion and fire inside a commercial building in White Deere Township. Truck 15-1 responded with 8 personnel. Chief 501 arrived to find smoke showing. Engine 5-2 arrived and found the source and confirmed the fire was out. The crew from Truck 15-1 laddered the building and assisted with ventilation. This call originally came in as an automatic fire alarm. Units on scene: Chiefs 1501 (Stump), 1502 (Lupo), 1503 (Derr), 501 (Koch), 502 (Messinger), 503 (Fisher), 901 (Burrows), 902 (Funk), 903 (Hollenbach), 904 (Brown), Truck 15-1, Engines 5-1, 5-2 and 9-1, Rescue 5-1, Ambulance 5-1, MICU 15, Medic 60, and .1561. Photos taken by Jay Mabus.



I-180 PIN

Saturday, August 13, 2016  At 22:36 the Milton Fire Department was dispatched to Interstate I-180 east bound just north of the Interstate 80 interchange in Turbot Township for a single vehicle auto accident. Chiefs 1502 and 1503 arrived on scene to find one car into a guiderail with a single patient confined. Rescue 15-1 arrived and utilized the spreaders and cutters to remove the driver’s door to gain access to the patient. Engine's 15-2 and 17-1 provided traffic control while the engine crews assisted Rescue 15-1's crew with vehicle hazards and patient packaging. Units on scene: Chiefs 1502 Lupo, 1503 Derr, Rescue 15-1, Engines 15-2 and 17-1, MICU 15, 1561 and PSP.




Friday, August 12, 2016  At 21:14 The 15 House was dispatched to Elm Street for a non-injury hit and run auto accident with fluids down. Rescue 15-1 arrived and applied oil dry to the road way. Units on scene: Chiefs 1502 Lupo, 1503 Derr, Rescue 15-1, 1561, and Milton Police Department.




Thursday, August 11, 2016  At 22:11 the Milton Fire Department was dispatched to the Milton River Bridge for an auto accident involving a passenger car and a pickup truck. Chief 1502 arrived to find two vehicles off the west side of the bridge in Company 5's first due area. UC 911 advised that Chief 501 was aware and that CO 15 was to handle the call. Rescue 15-1 arrived and controlled hazards on both vehicles. Engine 15-2 closed the river bridge on the east side until the scene was cleared. One patient was transported to a local medical facility. Units on scene: Chief 1501 Stump, 1502 Lupo, 1503 Derr, Rescue 15-1, Engine 15-2, 1561, MICU 15, Milton Police Department, and PSP. Photos by Jay Mabus.




Saturday, August 6, 2016  At 16:47 The 15 House was dispatched to North 3rd Street in Lewisburg for a reported apartment fire. Truck 15-1 and Engine 15-2 responded along with units from companies 3, 5, 6, and NC 741. Truck 2-1 arrived on scene with nothing showing side A. Upon investigation they found a kitchen fire that had been extinguished. Chief 201 held the box to Trucks 2-1 and 15-1. Company 15 units responding: Chief 1501 (Stump), Truck 15-1, Engine 15-2, and Company 15 Fire Police.




Friday, August 5, 2016  At 18:47 the Milton Fire Department was dispatched to the area of Weis Markets on Mahoning Street for an auto accident. Chief 1503 arrived on scene to find one vehicle in the roadway and the other on the sidewalk with two injuries. This call was originally received by 911 with no injuries but after a local EMT was on the scene and confirmed that there were injuries and by request of Chief 1503 the Fire Department was finally dispatched. Rescue 15-1 arrived and controlled hazards on both vehicles and assisted EMS while Engine 15-2 provided traffic control.




Thursday, August 4, 2016  At 03:17 Company 15 was dispatched to Milton Village for a dumpster fire. Chief 1502 arrived to a well off dumpster Engine 15-2 arrived and pulled the front trash line and extinguished the fire. Units on scene: Chiefs 1501 Stump, 1502 Lupo, 1503 Derr, Engine 15-2, Captain 1561, MICU 15, and Milton Police Department. Photos by Jay Mabus.




Sunday, July 31, 2016  At 00:22 The Milton Fire Department was dispatched to 3000 block of Housel’s Run Road for an auto accident reported one vehicle into a tree with confinement. Chief 1503 arrived to find one car off the roadway that struck a utility pole shearing it off and bringing live power lines down on the vehicle. Crews established verbal contact with the patient until PPL arrived to cut the power supply. Once the power was secured the crew from Rescue 15-1 opened the driver’s door and the patient was able to self-extricate. Units on scene: Chiefs 1502 Lupo and 1503 Derr, Rescue 15-1, Engine 15-2, Traffic 15, CO 15 Fire Police, MICU15, Medic 60, Milton Police Department, PSP, Milton and PPL. Photos by Jay Mabus.



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