Chapel Oaks Volunteer Fire Department


Tuesday, August 19, 2014  At 20:05 The 15 House was dispatched along with Warrior Run (CO9) to Springtown Road in Delaware Township for a second alarm house fire. Chief 901 (Burrows) arrived to find a large two and a half story home with heavy fire from the rear. The crew from Engine 9-1 started making a hit on the first floor when command ordered the evacuation due to rapidly deteriorating conditions. Rescue 15-1 arrived and assisted Engine 9-1 with multiple hand lines around the structure. A short time into the fire the roof fell into the second floor. Due to the condition of the house Ladder 39 from Muncy was called to assist with overhaul. Engine 15-1 took care of the fill site at a hydrant outside of Watsotown. Company 15 was available at 23:39.




Wednesday, August 13, 2014  At 07:04 Truck 15-1 was dispatched to Bucknell University to assist Lewisburg (CO 2) for a reported kitchen fire. Crews arrived to find a deep fryer that had caught fire with some minor extension to the ceiling area. Chief 1503 arrived and received orders for the Tower once it arrived. Once the Truck arrived on the scene they were advised to take all their electric fans and head to the kitchen area and upper floors and assist with ventilation. Truck 15-1 was available at 08:16.




Tuesday, August 12, 2014  At 05:35 Truck 15-1 was dispatched to the federal prison in Allenwood for smoke in a building. Warrior Run Chief 902 arrived and confirmed a fire in the laundry room. The Truck arrived and sent two guys inside the gate to assist Company 9 with some ventilation. There was a small pile of clothes burning on the floor of the laundry room and was controlled with one engine. Truck 15-1 went available at 06:18.




Monday, August 11, 2014  At 12:53 The 15 house was dispatched to Interstate 80 east bound at mile marker 213 for a car that rolled into the median. Chief 1501 arrived to find one car that had rolled multiple times with the driver self-extricated. Rescue 15-1 arrived and took care of hazards and assisted with traffic control. The driver was transported with minor injuries. This was the first call for the Rescue since it returned from its mini refurb.




Sunday, August 10, 2014  At 06:34 Company 15 was dispatched to Interstate 80 westbound just before exit 215 for an auto accident with unknown injuries. Chief 1503 arrived to find one car that had struck the guide rail and rolled multiple times and came to rest in the middle of the interstate. Both occupants were out of the vehicle when the Chief arrived. At first the two occupants refused treatment but a short time later were transported to be checked out. Engines 15-1 and 15-2 arrived and disconnected the battery and cleaned the debris off the highway. While crews were awaiting the wrecker Union County 911 called and requested and engine to respond non-emergency to Center Town Apartments in the borough to assist PD with a ladder to gain access to one of the rooms. Units were available from both calls at 07:44.




Saturday, August 9, 2014  Around 16:00 hours The 15 House was dispatched to Cameron Ave. behind ConAgra for an auto accident. Chief 1503 arrived to find one car on the sidewalk and one in the middle of the street with both drivers out walking around. The Wagon arrived and took care of the usual vehicle hazards. One driver was transported with very minor injuries.




Thursday, August 7, 2014  At 13:11 crews just returned from a crash uptown when they heard and felt a loud explosion. Everyone started getting dressed when the pager went off for a dumpster fire on Vine Street two blocks from the firehouse. Chief 1501 arrived to find a fully involved dumpster. Engine 15-2 arrived and stretched the bumper line to the rear of the house and had a quick knock down. The home owner was remodeling the house and was unsure what might have caused it. The fire marshal from PSP was called to investigate due to the rather large explosion. The engine was available at 15:09.




Wednesday, August 6, 2014  At 08:00 Company 15 was dispatched to SR 147 just south of I80 for a vehicle accident with rollover. Chief 1501 arrived to find one vehicle that had struck the guide rail and rolled. The driver was self extricated upon the Chief's arrival. Engine 15-1 and 15-2 arrived and assisted EMS and took care of vehicle hazards. There were multiple paint cans in the vehicle when it rolled covering everything with white paint. The driver was transported with minor injuries.




Wednesday, July 23, 2014  At 18:44 Engine 15-2 was sent to the 200 block of Willow Street in the borough for a reported grill on fire. Engine 15-2 arrived to find a small grill well involved. The engine crew used a PW can and shut off the gas to extinguish the fire. The Engine was available at 18:54.




Tuesday, July 22, 2014  At 06:37 Engine 15-2 was requested by PSP for a non-injury crash at I-180 and the I-80 West onramp for a tractor trailer on its side with a fuel leak. Chief 1501 responded and was advised that there were two separate rollovers. The second one was on the ramp to I-80 East. This was also a non-injury crash. A truck pulling a modular home entering the ramp lost its load in the median. The first one was a scrap truck that had rolled on the ramp spilling metal all over. Engine 15-2 arrived and took care of a small fuel leak and returned a short time later.



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